Goodbye My Friend

by | Jan 1, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

We gazed distantly into each other’s eyes,
It’s the last time we’ll meet, our love in demise,
As memories run through, our lives flash by,
Thoughts of the beach, the sand and the sky,

Some parts were good and some shouldn’t be,
The finality of ending Holy Matrimony,
What we once had we cannot erase,
When time does its work, it’ll fade to a daze,

The feelings have gone, the passion now waned,
Time to let go but friendship retained,
We go separate ways, some regrets linger on,
Mustn’t look back now our love has all gone,

A card, a letter, perhaps the odd call,
Contact diminished, we can’t end it all,
One last hug, a parting farewell,
Its goodbye my friend and I wish you well.


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