Grain of Sand

by | Jun 16, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

Life is but a tiny grain of sand,
Lost in the bosom of a desert,
Yet it compares to a soft snowflake
That floats in the freezing winter air.

For every moment of our dreams
We live in a state of buoyant hope,
That all our deepest wishes come true,
To let us all live in constant peace.

The sordid remnants of life now past
Haunts us into the realms of vile hell,
Yet we must look forward to new dreams
For should we not, all will then be lost!

As we rest our heads in mothers milk
And gain supreme strength of fathers sperm,
We take giant steps of future life
To initiate wrongs never righted.

And yet! We still evoke Gods wrath
As we take the same faltering steps
Through lifes constant maze of evil deeds
That takes us the gates of Satans hell.

Yet as we walk through deaths dark valley
We know our deeds have been forgiven,
And path to righteousness, is well trod,
Walked in belief of Gods pure love.


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