Granddad Played the Blues

by | Nov 27, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

I reached the house and went in through the door
But it didn’t feel like Gran’s house anymore
The furniture all gone, a few boxes left still
I can take anything I want, it said in her will
I went to the kitchen and left there on the side
An old photo album, with all Gran’s memories inside
I turned the pages gently, some were well worn
There in black and white was Granddad with his horn
On that page just there, between the two views
That was my Granddad playing the blues

On Saturday nights we would go to the hall
All the family and friends, we would have a ball
Granddad and his band would play all the songs
The new ones to dance to and the old sing alongs
Those nights were special and I learned to dance
And one night I found love there, just by chance
The dances were mixed with the fast and the slow
Then near the end with the lights turned down low
With tired feet, the girls kicked off their shoes
Couples got close and Granddad played the blues

Many faded photos of times long ago
All Granny’s past that she’d treasured so
Weddings and christenings and Christmases too
Do you like old family treasures? I know I do
This is what I will take and I’ll treat it with care
And if there is a heaven Gran will be there
Reunited with Granddad she’ll be happy again
Just as they used to be, with no more pain
She will have told him all our family news
Then smile with love as Granddad plays the blues


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