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A frail old man with warmth around him,
A smile on his face, his family surround him.
‘Oh Danny Boy’ he sings with a glint in his eye,
Teaching me domino’s as the time goes by.

You didn’t tell me granddad of your memories past,
Of when you walked strong in days gone fast,
I never knew of your days at war,
Barbed wire, the sandy beaches wore.

Marching onto the ‘Orion’ at Liverpool Docks,
Days and nights at sea, forever went the clocks.
Arriving in the mystic east, disembarking in Bombay,
On a train to Bangalore, in a basha you had to stay.

You never told me granddad of your birthday in Madras,
Drinking local fire water, how you had a blast.
Moving to Thailand to bathe in hot springs,
Wondering in the Jungle such amazing things.

All I have now Granddad are your memories on paper,
You’ll never be forgotten, we will always remember.


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