Green Maggot

by | Jul 24, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

The war rages on and the cold bites my soul
My fingers are numb and I laugh at my blood
But I know I will be ok in the ice tonight
I’ve got my “green maggot”.

I see my friend die his brains vaporise in the sky
I run and I jump and I scream and I cry
The tracer like fireflies bounce and spin from the mountain
But I’ve got my “green maggot”

I have no more strength but I run like an athlete
In an Olympic gold medal race
The cold cuts my face but I care not a jot
I can feel I’m alive
I want my “green maggot”

I’m back in the womb snug cosy and content
We’ve taken the objective I have two hours grace
I slip into dreamland full of warm pillows and safety
How I love my “green maggot”


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