Green to Gold

by | Feb 3, 2015 | Poetry | 0 comments

Oh! to see the leaves of Autumn
Colours changing from green to Gold
There before you a beautiful picture
Waiting just for us all to behold
Heavy dew each morning
Dampness about us everywhere
Chilly is the atmosphere
Here in the morning air
Looking around the garden
Gardening tools replaced in the sheds
The last of the Dahlias turning to black
Chrysanthemum’s drooping their proud heads
Roses now are pruned for the winter
Lawns mowed perhaps their last cut
Peat and Shredded bark on the beds for the winter
Maybe empty the water butt
Prune the fruit trees quite heavily
Before their Winter sleep
Even replace the tarred band preventing insects
Hoping next Season a better crop you’ll reap
Time now to rotovate the vegetable beds
Perhaps spread a coat of powdered lime
Ridding the soil of the damaging insects
During the chilling winter time
Perhaps a good time to trim back the hedgerows
Encouraging growth from within
Cuttings and leaves now collected and placed for burning
In the incinerator bin
And then e’re long the trees are all leafless
Comes the morning once again
Jack Frost has spread his Icy fingers
On all the trees and bushes in the lane
Yet another rural Seasonal scene
Before sleeping in Mother Nature’s tender care
Once again the year is coming to an end
How well will this garden the Winter fare


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