Guardian Angels

by | Aug 5, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

Close your eyes and drift away
To a tranquil peaceful place
Let this haven bring you calm
And a smile upon your face

For in this peaceful haven
Your guardian angels are there
They’ve been waiting all your life
To show you that they care

Your guardian angels will guide you
Through the challenges of life you face
But your free will determines
The outcome of your fate

They cannot interfere
With the life plan mapped for you
All they can do is try and guide
And help to see you through

They will wrap their wings around you
When you really need some love
For they’ve been sent from God himself
From the heaven’s up above

If you need help from your angels
You only need to ask
They’ll be there to do all they can
To guide you through each task

No matter how much you are hurting
Your angels will ease the pain
And guide you back on your life path
Then your life will be better again

There are so many fabulous stories
Where people’s lives have been changed
Saved from fates much worth than death
Thanks to the help their angels arranged

I know my guardian angels
Will always watch over me
Helping me down my own life’s path
Wherever that may be

Thank you Angels, God Bless


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