Guiding Light

by | May 1, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

The brightest star that shines deep of night
Infant of God an emerald bright
In aura of silver; Jesus child
One of loving ways, so meek and mild

{To bestow on Earth his guiding light}

Kaleidoscope of awesome power
Sprinkles on down a stardust shower
That will cover all of Earth below
As the rays of moonlight makes it glow

{To bestow on Earth his guiding light}

Pray peace on earth goodwill to all
When we acknowledge our Masters call
Stood before Him in hallowed court
Accepting his praise for evil fought

{He bestows on Earth his guiding light}

Deathly threats that encompass our lives
Insidious attacks with drawn knives
World on bended knees, do earnest pray
Oh dear father, give to us our day!

{To bestow on Earth your guiding light}

Let us ban war from every land
Join together a brotherhood band
To live in sweet peace as is our right
As your brightest Star in deepest night

{That bestows on Earth his guiding light}


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