H M S Victory

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H M S Victory

Here we have the oldest ship in the British Navy
The longest Vessel in the world to survive
246 years of Service to the Royal Nay
Which was launched in 1765
H M S Victory was Flagship for Lord Nelson
In the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805
Armed with 104 cannons aboard
Which no doubt helped Lord Nelson stay alive
She also served as Flagship to 3 other Captains
Captains Keppel Captain Jervis Captain Howe by name
Written down in the Record Books
Building up H M S Victory’s fame
In 1922 she was relegated to Harbour Ship
Adapting a different role
Then she was moved to dry dock at Portsmouth
As a Museum Piece her name to extol
150 men were fiund to construct the ship
With the wood from 6,000 trees
And once the frame was built it was left 3 years
With no Wars it dried out with ease
Work was re-started in 1763
And the ship floated in 1765
On the day of the launch the discovery was made
That the lock gates were 10 inches too narrow
And Shipwrights worked with Adzes on the gates
Until the Victory could finally pass through
The eventual cost of building the Ship
Was Sixty Three thousand & , 176 pounds
And now lies installed as a Flagship
In the Museum of Portsmouth Dockyard grounds

Dennis Shrubshall 19th January 2024

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  1. Mac

    Such an informative piece of writing, Dennis. I didn’t know a quarter of that, so thank you.


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