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What can I do to make you see?
The pain and tears you give to me
What can I do please tell me quick?
I cannot bear to see you sick

I cry my tears that say I’m sad
Those words you say “I love you Dad”
But then once more and time again
You take more stuff – we feel more pain

Our love for you is hard to see
Through stormy words we disagree
And though you think we nag and pick
We’re trying to help, to mend it quick

It makes us squabble hurt and weep
It hurts all four so quick and deep
We want to see you back on track
We want our daughter/sister back

Our fear of what each morning brings
The fear we have when our phone rings
An empty bed is not just that
It’s worry time until you’re back

And when you tell us you’ll be fine
You’ll give it up in your own time
A brand new job, a new beginning
Where H is listed under “winning”

Each one of us we love you so
We worry, fear but won’t let go
We’re holding on and not forsaking
Can’t you see our hearts are breaking?

Please come back, be you again
Our loving Heather just the same
We need to find that missing part
The beat that’s missing from all our hearts


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