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I know I shouldn’t look away
Turn a blind eye
I know I should question your ways
Until you start to listen
Because I remember you before the fall
So gifted and confident, you knew it all
And I looked up to you
My best friend
I wanted to be like you
In every way.

I should have seen the storm
The dark clouds getting closer
But I didn’t
You fell into the habit
And it took your mind
And it took your soul
It grabbed you
And wouldn’t let go.

And now you stare into nothing
Your face is pale and withdrawn
The habit has control over you
It speaks your mind and thoughts
You have lost life
And I am losing my friend

The habit
Won’t let you go
And it’s draining your soul
My friend
My brother
Your innocence is blinded by the abuse
And there is no use in trying
When you keep on denying
You just keep on denying.

The habit
The soul breaker
The problem maker!
hate you!


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