Hand of hope

by | Aug 3, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

If you are burdened by the load you are carrying on your shoulders
With the weight of your own problems and the worries of others
Throw them back, stand tall and let the burden slip to the floor.
If your feet are as heavy as lead and your footsteps laboured
With every aching step you take on life’s rocky and uncertain road
Stride out and find a smoother path to follow, cushioned by sweet grass.
If the fear twists like a snake in the pit of your stomach, and the bile rises to
Leave a bitter taste in your mouth and is swallowed along with your pride
Breathe deep and let the fragrant perfume of life flow through your veins and restore your self belief.
If you feel problems and despair are trapped within the cage of your head
And no-one is willing to open the door to allow them to be shared
Commit them to paper and let the pen become your friend.
If you can hold hope in your hand, grasp it, cherish it, and believe in it,
Then share that hope with those less fortunate, then hope will blossom into reality and be yours.


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