Hands Across The World

by | Nov 27, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

Across the world in far flung lands
Fit young men with guns in hand
Most ready to do what needs to be done
Some just eager to carry a gun

They pack up their kitbags
Then fly to distant shores
Some of them will die there
Their politicians whores

These young kids don’t understand
When they join their happy band
Its so much more than just a game
In those dim and distant lands

Then its time for the lucky ones
To board their transport home
But for some its just the very start
Of a lifetime all alone

They won’t want to hurt their loved ones
But they won’t be able to stop
So come on politician pimps
Don’t leave them here to rot

These proud young folk, just boys and girls
They were fearless, brave and bold
Lets hold out a hand across the world
And help them HAPPILY grow old


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