Happy Holidays

by | Jan 22, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

The Simpsons have gone off to Turkey-so what
The Brownings are sailing to France in their yacht
The Smiths and their family are flying to Spain
And me and the missus go to Skeggy again

The Simpsons all love their villa–a treat
The Brownings found Calais just could not be beat
The Smiths found that they were frying in Spain
Whilst me and the missus had chips in the rain

The Simpsons had fun in their luxury pool
The Brownings had dinner on deck looking cool
The Smiths said that bullfights were really insane
But me and the missus kept dodging the rain

The Simpsons came back looking tired and beat
The Brownings had left their yacht looking neat
The Smiths said their sunburn was giving them pain
Me and the missus booked Skeggy again


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