Happy New Year

by | Dec 17, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

We’ve come to that time of year
When people are filled with good cheer
As they walk down the street
They smile and they greet
Even strangers with “happy new year”

They greet folk with cheery hello’s
In a way that everyone knows
Is brought on by drink
Which makes us all think
Just where this bonhomie finally goes

By the time the New Year has dawned
And people have risen and yawned
The “ Hail fellow “ hearty
From last night’s big party
Has vanished and rancour is spawned

To be fair there are some people who
Will try to be steadfast and true
To stand by their greeting
But alas they’ll be fleeting
Those good wishes given to you

So here I must make a fresh stand
Salute you with glass in my hand
And give you my toast
For all you wish most
And the New Year bring all that you planned


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