Hard to say goodbye

by | Nov 20, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

The hardest thing ever, is saying goodbye,
Saying it just made me cry.
With all my feelings, all my love,
To let you go, I knew I should.
I will always love you, that I know,
And I really didn’t want to let you go.
Bad timing between us, troubles going on,
Would have been easier if the troubles had gone.
We couldn’t decide on what we should do,
Had a lot to consider, that much is true.
So much emotion, many a tear,
We wouldn’t have made it, by the end of the year.
Saying goodbye, was meant to take away the pain,
At times it felt, like we wasn’t to gain.
You know deep down, you’ll stay in my heart forever,
Even if we can’t be together’
One last time, goodbye my sweet,
I hope again one day, we will meet.


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