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Hark! Did you not hear a reindeer sneeze?
Or was that the wind song in the trees?
Perhaps the jingle of Christmas chimes
Or maybe sweet elves with festive rhymes?

The snow on the ground is soft as silk
And so pure and white, like mother’s milk.
Whilst stars in the sky are shining bright
The moon glows over us, candle bright

If you close your eyes and go to sleep
Dream of baa lambs and little Bo Peep
Now Santa Claus in his coat bright red
Flies through the sky, to children in bed

On Christmas Eve in sleigh made of gold
Drawn by red reindeer all brave and bold
Rudolph in front, he has a red nose
And all the elves, are dressed in green hose

Stop and listen; Are children asleep?
One slips down chimney to take a peep
Finds them asleep, like good girls and boys
Santa climbs down with bag full of toys

But before he goes; what’s this he spies?
Near Christmas tree, are plates of mince-pies
Then Santa he leaves, feeling merry
Someone left him a glass of sherry??

It warms his tummy; then Ho! Ho! Ho!
Then out he goes fast, into deep snow
He must hurry to deliver toys
To the dear children; the girls and boys.

And when you awake on Christmas morn
Know you today, dear Jesus was born.


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