Haunted by Haunting Eyes.

by | Dec 26, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

I was here but now I’m gone,
And I hope that I won’t be gone for long,
From the sweet embrace of your arms,
And the warm touch of your palms.

I had put my Bergen on my back,
And walked past the gate at the end of the track,
But before I went down that lane,
I looked back to the eyes of pain.

I can still see those eyes now,
They stare at me behind my eyelids somehow,
Haunting me, every time I blink,
And there’s only one thing that I can think.

I see what those eyes saw that day,
A lonely figure walking away,
Out of your life once again,
To fight with brothers in foreign fen.

My eyes are hidden to hide those eyes,
With a single tear and a war cry,
And cannot wait to see them learn,
Of my well being and safe return.

But even when I am back and safe,
My mind may still be in the other place,
And once again in your arms lie,
Would hate again see that haunting eye.


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