Having a Ball

by | Aug 8, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

The Stage is set , the time is right
We’re gonna have a ball tonight
They’re gathered here like they used to be
Just like a happy family
Musicians all ready to play
Many of the tunes of yesterday
Swing and Rock ,New Orleans Jazz
They all really love the Razamataz
Casual dress , no suits or ties
Each one ready to melodise
They’re ready to play and the audience hush
As the Pianists fingers across the keyboard rush
Drums are going to a steady beat
Everybody’s started tapping their feet
Clarinets & Saxophones joining now
Trumpeter too as he wipes his brow
Trombone’s now joined the happy throng
Double Bass steadily strumming along
They’re really swinging this happy band
Even playing Dixieland
Traditional Jazz for the connoisseur
Hear those notes which sound so pure
Magic to the ears of the delighted throng
Happy to dance or just sing along
The lads carry on and play with ease
For it’s not only the audience they have to please
But to satisfy their musical lust
In the knowledge they still enjoy & trust
That it will be many a year
Before they too must
Just sit back and listen, in their eye a small tear
While another generation plays the music
Traditional Jazz of yesteryear .


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