He who walks beside me

by | Feb 22, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

Who is it walks beside me
As battles I do fight ?
Who is it that protects me
Whilst marching through the night ?

I’ve been in conflicts round the globe
And he is always there
He’s at my side both day and night
I’ve seen him someplace, where ?

His features are familiar
Most similar to mine
His uniform is of past age
Like from another time

In all the years I’ve known him
He’s never spoke a word
Yet he’s become my partner
Although that sounds absurd

Yet no-one else can see him
A phantom by my side
I never tell my comrades
‘Cause that they wont abide

Some Soldiers have a ‘ Good luck charm ‘
But me I have my friend
To guide me and protect me
Until the very end

But now I’ve left the Service
No injuries sustained
In all the Wars I fought in
With me my friend remained

The day arrived of my discharge
To home I did return
Whilst sitting with my Sister
My friends name I did learn

She pulled out some old Photographs
All faded, brown, and worn
And showed me a young Soldier
I wasn’t even born

My friend’s face stared right back at me
It made me kind of sad
For the face that seemed familiar
Turned out to be my Dad !


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