“Healed with a Kiss”

by | Jun 14, 2014 | Poetry | 0 comments

“Hey Grandpa” (as she climbed upon my knee)
Our third in line; twud seize as opportune
Perchance to glean rare wisdom (aye from me)
With look from hurt filled eyes, didst then impugn
“I’ve heard them say, you’re not long for this world”
Such words betray’d concern (I live in hope)
As “Three score years and ten” was then unfurl’d
Oft’ wonder how young minds doth gain such scope
“Allotted span allowed by ancient word ….
..twas written long ago” (I reassured)
“For Grandpa to adhere would be absurd …..
..one kiss from you, then what e’er ails is cured”
Examination thence didst undertake
Before she brush’d my cheek, for Heaven’s sake


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