Hear My Tears

by | Dec 5, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

Hear My Tears

Is there even an adjective to describe
The horrors within I

The memories haunt my every thought
Even my dreams turn in distraught
I’m running down stairs
Screaming my prayers
Yelling for god to hear my tears
To save us from the worst of fears

I scream but I’m not there
Gasping for clean air
My hair soaking wet
Sheets surrounding me stained in sweat

I’m watching a little boy burning
My heart forever churning
Knowing that it’s too late
To be no more than eight, already at god’s gate

I fall to the floor
But it was only the door
Now we stand and talk
But everything still circles like a hawk

I search for an escape
But it replays like a tape
So who really lived that day
And how are we suppose to pretend to be ok

I’m running down stairs
Screaming my prayers
Even with my head in a spin
I can see it circling in
Here we go again


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