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Just stay
Wait for me to come to you
Don’t worry about standing up
I can reach farther so you don’t have to

Don’t talk
The silence tells me all I need to know
Let me say “I love you”
I’ll pretend you love me also

Don’t respond
I understand
You lost your heart
I’m giving you mine
Holding it in my hand

You ignore the beating
I sit and hope
The blood has dried
All I have are the stains
Hard to the touch
Harder than before

There is a tear
It falls inside
I will not let it out
For this tear
My vulnerability
Is not for you

The tear that falls
Falls for my heart
The heart that no longer rests inside
My chest is empty
The dried blood fills my hand
The hand that holds the lifeless heart

Don’t worry
As time passes a new heart will grow
But unlike the heart of a child
The beating will be slow


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