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I’ve had enough of life he said
My only wish is to be dead
To get away from all this hurt
Just lower me into the dirt

Don’t give me there is more to life
‘Cause all I ever get is strife
Maybe there is more for you
You are young not eighty-two

I’m through with taking pills and such
They never seem to help me much
However many things i take
They never cure a single ache

My body’s worn out – had its day
I’m never going to be ok
I use two sticks to walk the floor
My hand’s too weak to close a door

I wake up three times every night
And fumble for the reading light
My body now just will not do
Whatever task I ask it to

So give me peace and also rest
Don’t keep me here to be a pest
Let me join those gone before
Not be a burden any more

Now I’ve come to fear and dread
The thought that one day he’ll be dead
I think of all the fun we had
My guide my friend my loving dad


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