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As I watched the sapling grow into a mighty tree
I was drawn to reflect on our country’s history
Its forebears had provided the wood to build our ”Men of War”
Which had done so much in the defence of our shore

The ”Men of War” sailed out to meet the foe
To the roars of the crowd gathered on Plymouth Ho
They sailed out into the Channel knowing they would meet
The Armada which was the pride of the Spanish fleet

Francis Drake their commander was a man who knew no fear
And his men were not afraid, knowing that he was near
Their confidence in him was justified that day
Most of the Armada was destroyed and the rest turned and sailed away

Nelson and Frobisher were the names of two more
Who served our Country gallantly in the time of war
Hearts of Oak had the ships in which they sailed
Hearts of Oak had their men who prevailed

For hundreds of years wooden ships sailed the seas
Driven across the Oceans by the prevailing breeze
To discover lands that had lain unknown
To find treasures that they could claim for their own

They brought back fruit and vegetables that no-one had ever seen
As trophies from the lands where they had been
They are part of the goods we still enjoy today
Without any thought of those who risked their lives as they sailed away

Drake and Raleigh were the heroes of their day
They were prepared to lead their men into the fray
Many of the crews did not even know their destination
But they were prepared to risk their lives for the honour of our nation

The ships of oak had men with hearts of oak
As I watched that tree growing, in my mind it did provoke
Thoughts of the men who had created our history
And those deeds should live forever in our memory


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