Heaven and Hell

by | Jul 8, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

Heaven and Hell, is that a place?
Heaven is beauty, Hell’s a disgrace
When people come and people go
Do they go high or do they go low?
Where do they go?
People young and people old
Heaven and Hell, that’s what we’re told.

Hell is where the fire burns
Heaven is where the sun returns
Some are scared of Hell
They just want to scream and yell.

Down in Hell they are burning hot
You get bullied quite a lot
Is there really such a place
It puts a question mark on your face.

While up in Heaven you are so great
Everyone there is a really great mate
But what if Heaven is just a feeling?
Would that change your whole life’s meaning?

We will never know
If Heaven and Hell are really true
Until its time for me and you.


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