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Simply silent death could be
But where is the heaven that
Only the privilaged can see
When on the monitor your heart goes flat

Flatline flatline the end of time the end of me
Hussain laden bush and blair
The answers on this planet cant you see
Yes your cool if you got style and flare

They promise you no time to be at peace
Give you a job or career
Untill its time to give up the lease
On a body thats so full of fear

You join the world from your mothers loin
Put there by man into a world of nowhere
You came from your fathers groin
For all the peers to stare

Hussaine laden bush and blair
Two halfs of a world torn in two
Go on the people and just stare
As “our” planet is run by the few

People who hate kill or lie
Are the makers of hell on earth
God is our only hope when we die
Come on people lets see the dream for what its worth.
One love


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