Heaven’s Tears

by | Jul 24, 2012 | Poetry | 0 comments

Precipitation from above, unto the earth doth sate
Pouring forth in torrent, daring feathered friends to soar
Perched on wooded bough, their stifled song ’til morrow waits
Blooms potential harmony in lifeblood’s thunderous roar

Bumbled buzzing creature’s pollen search abated now
Fragility of wing beat precluding sorties in the air
Hovers to keep busy, ’tis all that he knows how
Honeycombed design, etched deep upon a canvas rare

Soiled rivulets hath formed beneath the shadow of a tree
Puddled pool’s warped image, in reflection of a former self
Smooth washed surface offered face, hides moss filled side of lee
Standing caked in weathered bark from frozen winter’s shelf

Autumnal breeze caresses brow, before the flowered soil turns cold
Abrasive winds hath scored sun kissed countenance of youth
Will spring be the redeemer, sally forth to be so bold
One lasting long hot summer, afore I go to face the truth


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