Hello Whoever

by | Dec 12, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

Hello Whoever, I am writing to you,
It helps me to stay awake, what else can I do?
My hands are shaking and I am so darn tired,
I would like a pound for the times this gun’s been fired.
God, why am I here in this forsaken land?
My brother’s making a fortune in a hard rock band.
While he is living it up good with some young cutie,
I have just ten more minutes and I’m back on duty.
No matter how I kid myself, no matter how I try,
This is no garden swing under an English sky.
Everything that moves darn chokes you in dust,
So none of us bother, unless we really must.
They said we may be home for Christmas, but no,
Now I won’t see my girl and I do miss her so.
Not that she would even recognize me like this
No bath or shave for a week, she would give me a miss.
Clothes that caress you like a sandblast machine,
Stinking like a skunk when he turns really mean.
A bath full of bubbles, my girl and a cold beer!
That gun fire sounds like it’s getting too near.
Why did I join up when the whole world’s gone mad?
I am proud of what I do, although at times it is bad.
Ah well ,Whoever, I must get back to the grind,
But I won’t be sad to leave Afghanistan behind.


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