Help Us

by | Jan 1, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

We’ve found a site of poetry
for you and us and me
I’d like to thank the founder
a lady called Annie

People think that forces folk
are hard and very rough
but this is not the case at all
as all of us need love

Underneath we hide them
our sea of deep emotions
as we play at being warriors
by land and air and oceans

But what you must consider
is what we feel inside
our fear our hate and sorrow
the conflict in our pride

Please come in and read
our poems from our hearts
and learn to understand that
we each have played a part

A part in some awakening
some good but some much worse
and afterwards we’re left alone
to live within its curse

Give us time to heal today
help us now to talk
don’t just leave us rotting
as others turn and walk

We simply say please listen
to us and to our mates
to help our families back together
to learn from your mistakes


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