Henry The Eighth

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This tale all started long ago
In the year of Fourteen Ninety One
When Elizabeth of York and Henry the Seventh
Were blessed with a second son
This handsome lad grew from strength to strength
Prince Henry was his name
And by the time he was 22 years old
He was to prove his claim to fame
For at that time a King led his Army into battle
With his trusty Steed, his Sword and Shield
And this was the task of Henry The English leader
In Fifteen Thirteen at the Battle of Flodden Field
A battle to thwart the attack of the Scots and the French
And Ten Thousand Scottish soldiers were slain
Along with their leader James Fourth King of Scotland
But 1500 bodies of English Soldiers at Flodden would remain
Then his efforts to denounce Martin Luthers ideals
Without the use of his trusty sword
Came to the notice of the Pope at that time
Earning the title “Defender of the Faith” as his reward
He’d proved his worth on the field of conflict
But governing the country to him held no charm
He left most decisions to Cardinal Wolsey , the Archbishop of York
Preferring to ride with the Hunt on a farm
Catharine of Aragon bore Henry a daughter
Which was not what King Henry had planned
He was hoping she would bear him a Son and heir
Perhaps sometime to help him rule this land

But this marriage was never deemed to last
A fact that was plain to see
And without much help from Cardinal Wolsey
Divorced Catherine in Fifteen Thirty Three
Henry then married Anne Boleyn
Although heavily pregnant was she
She then bore him a Daughter Elizabeth
And met her demise when beheaded for infidelity
Once again he was married by the end of the month
And Jane Seymour became his blushing Bride
But sadly in giving birth to his son and heir Edward
This unfortunate young lady died
Then 4 years passed and Henry arranged another marriage
A German Princess and Anne of Cleves was her name
But this happy union was never consummated
No mention was made as to who was to blame
In July 1540 Henry married Catherine Howard
They were happy or so it would seem
But two years later something happened between them
To shatter this Royal dream
Catherine was accused of having an illicit affair
An adulterous wife or so it was said
Henry had her locked up in the Tower and executed
Yet a second of his wives to lose their head
When at last King Henry settled down in 1543
Catherine Parr became his 6th and final wife
She looked after the King and his children
For four years until the end of his life
In his period as King of England
He brought a lot of change in his reign
As head of the Church of England
He cut the English ties Rome and the Pope once again
Overseeing the dissolution of the Monastries
Instituting changes in Religion and governing of Law
Which lasted a100 years until the death of Charles the 1st
And the Commonwealth was established for evermore.


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