“Here be Poets”

by | Feb 12, 2015 | Poetry | 0 comments

If ever I must sing as poets do
Twud be as greetings sent across the sea
Perchance of finding one who’s also true
To art form deem’d “to be or not to be”
Thru metaphoric post we could convey
Held hopes and dreams as scribed by our own hands
Eliciting response I’d softly say
“Tis I a soulful Bard from far off lands”
Should thee in turn give answer to my call
In cadence which sits gently on mine ears
How sweet the sound (as notes give rise and fall)
Cementing friendships reinforced by years
So set your sail o’er oceans heaving swell
May chance upon our FLOW – “Where poets dwell”


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