Here I Sit…

by | Sep 6, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

Here I sit, broken hearted,
Shortly after my game started,

Up it popped and started wailing,
“One of your hard disks is failing!!”

Closed the game (took simply ages),
Checked the logs, God there were pages.

Warning real, Disk 2 going slow,
getting ready to finally blow.

Hoping now the disk isn’t toast,
at least until my Norton Ghost,

can back it up and calm my heart,
I’m really glad I turned on SMART.

The morale of my little torrent,
Is to keep your backup current,

But use RAID 1; you’ll be a hero,
Not dumb like me who used RAID 0.

So here I am sat on my bum,
Knowing disk failure means I’m done.

I’ve got my toes and fingers crossed,
really hoping it’s not lost.

So wish me luck and valid data,
and hopefully I’ll see you later!


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