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Eyes to the sky and what do we see
Another day is well under way
Look to the sky and what do we see
A blanket of Blue spread before us
From here to infinity
With clouds below and above
Like a scarf gently wrapped around
Perfectly placed for the Artist
As his preliminaryt background
A cottage there in the distance
Nearly obscured from view
Overlooking the gently flowing water
Perfect reflections of the sky so Blue
On the banks surrounding this idyllic scene
The signs that Autumn is near
Trees ,shrubs and bushes changing colours
From Green to Bronze and Gold as they do each year
Yet slowly the river meanders
Until it reaches the weir
Then rushes forward in torrents
Below the ancient bridge which is near
A last glance at the grass now
Like a carpet of green
Time now for the Artist
To leave this Autumn Scene.


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