Heroes all

by | Oct 16, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

Above us the drone of a plane in the sky
Making it’s approach to land
Watched by many anxious people
As below on the Tarmac they stand
And as the huge aircraft comes to a halt
And their mighty engines to silence fell
There was an air of reverence and silence in the crowd
And expectance of sorrow and sadness as well
Once more the sight of pall bearers in Uniform
Board the aircraft to perform their solemn task
Accompanied by the sound of a solitary Bugler
At the return of fallen heroes, and again many may ask
How many more young Soldiers must perish
To free Nations where they are oppressed
But sadly return home as the victims of Combat
And here in England’s Green Pastures will rest
Now down the ramp come the pall bearers
With National Flag draped coffin, looking terse
And march slowly across the Tarmac, with precision
To again fill a waiting hearse
One can feel sadness and regret in the air all around
And then as the final pall bearers have passed
They seemed to close their eyes in prayer
In the fervent hope that this occasion may be the last
With heads bowed as the large cortege starts it’s procession
To transport these Heroes on their last journey home
In the knowledge that they served in a fight against oppression
So that others in Foreign lands in Peace they may roam
For it is known that in War there is but one winner
And the Grim Reaper is his name
For the cost of War is not Financial that matters
But the huge loss of young lives is the shame


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