Hidden tears

by | Jul 23, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

Clouds rumble, thunder claps
Lightening strikes once more
And slowly her tears begin to flow
As the rain begins to pour

The rain hides the tears
That she sheds everyday
She fears for her soldier
Who is posted far away

Her soldier, her hero
Her loving son
So full of life
So full of fun

He’s serving his country
In a far off place
Battling against evil
Too feared to show its face

She doesn’t know when
She’ll see him again
So each time that it rains
Her tears flow in vain

Each night before bed
She prays on her knees
God keep my son safe
Bring him back to me please

So until his tour is over
Her heart will hold the fears
And she’ll wait for stormy weather
Then the rain can hide her tears


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