Hidden Treasure

by | Jan 1, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

There’s a few clever steps, so I’m told,
That will lead me to silver and gold.
And they say that there’s rubies, and diamonds, and pearls,
Which once was the treasure of Nottingham’s Earls
Who lived at The Castle
Without any hassle.
Until it got burnt; by some churls.

It’s said to be hid in a sandstone cave,
By a church with a spire, and a circular nave.
And, they say, near the tomb of a noble squire,
Who died, when he fell from the top of the spire.
There’s the sign of a fox,
Engraved on the box,
And some burns on the lid; from the fire.

So to seek out the way to the treasure cave,
I bought an old map at Dillon’s, from Dave
Then he said that I’d need, a book about churches,
And a CD ROM, to help with my searches
And a history mag’,
Then a big Dillon’s bag,
Which was free, to help carry my purchase.

So I’ve searched for a church with an ovoid nave.
Which had to be close to a sandstone cave.
And I’ve looked all round town, for the noble squire.
Put pins in the map, joined up with red wire.
And I’m not finished yet.
For the closer I get.
The more detailed my plans; to retire!


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