Highland home

by | Jul 30, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

Ahm nae the man ah used to be
And I cannae walk this way again
To see the wee Scots Lassie
Who helped to ease ma pain
For I fought ma fight when the Pipes they blew
The sounds o the bonnie Heelands
That’s what helped me through
The battle fields and horrors of war
The Rifles, Bayonets , Tanks and Guns
Casualties and Corpses by the score
But for masen the War was over
Tho’ the Memory will never die
And even now after all these years
Each day ah sit wie a tear in ma eye
And ah think wie pride in ma Scottish Regiment
Long since disappeared from view
But still ah can hear the scurl o the Pipes
As though the Lads’ll come marching through
Now for me ma legs are old
And ma former strength ah lack
In my heart ah ken ah cannae make it
But ah ken theers no way o going back
So ah’ll walk my way thro’ the heather
Whilst ah still can
In the lasting memory of a much younger man
Perhaps ah’ll see the bonnie Lassie once more
In those Scottish hills that ah know best
And maybe share a dram or two
Then one day ah’ll come tae rest
For it’s here that ah was born & bred
It’s here ah know that ah want tae be
As ah return to the Heelands the land o the brave
And stay there in Eternity


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