His last post

by | Jun 18, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

Light for me a candle as I pass away,
The Lord has called, and so I leave today
I must go! No longer stay to hold your hand
Through all the wondrous things that we had planned.

From your tender eyes such tears of sad may fall
As in distant chimes, I hear my Master’s call
Please do not cry my darling, just kneel and pray
Try to remember me less from day to day.

As years slip by, you will forgive ere awhile
Yet dream such happy dreams, and then smile that smile
For by grace of God, you smile than be ever sad
For nothing can erase the great love we had.

If in the dark,a vestige of love I leave,
Think you always kind of that, and do not grieve
For now, I must go to that far distant land
Where one day we’ll walk together; hand in hand.


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