Hobson’s Choice

by | Aug 27, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

Nothing became them more
Than the manner of their death…
Their example would inspire us all
Men would for love of freedom fall.
What courage beat within their breasts
What memories we have left.
Brothers and sons, loyal husbands, too
Who would not love those men we knew?
When others look back on the past
What questions of us would they ask?
Was it all worth it -the endless sacrifice
Your leaders with their schemes and lies?
And, what, in answer would we say-
‘We thought it was, what would
to have done nothing cost?’
And, maybe, that is just the truth
We did the only thing we could.
To have done nothing, was not a choice
That cost the lives of all those boys…
It ill-becomes us to forget
We are forever in their debt.


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