Hold Fast (New Year)

by | Dec 30, 2012 | Poetry | 0 comments

As the years accumulate and leave their legacy
Should we in fondness for our past, reach back in memory
Or would the future best be served by living in the ‘now’
Addressing all priorities to find a way somehow
In making of this world we share, a peaceful haven home
By ridding all disease that ails, in searching out GENOME
Where shortages of food occur for hungry mouths in drought
Sharing surplus to our needs, should never be in doubt
When fear and deprivation, touch all by acts of war
Despotic men should be denounced by all who doth abhor
Such people in high places, should be beyond reproach
Corruption taints and yes for some within their souls encroach
The years ahead yet offer hope, as far as I can see
If I do hold you in my ‘Prayers’ and you do ‘Pray’ for me


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