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The streets are cold, the pavements bare,
That’s what it’s like when home’s nowhere,
Life turns on a sixpence, I’ve heard them say,
World turned upside down in just one day.

I have my story, you have yours,
It never rains but it always pours,
Please don’t be my judge and jury,
For life can unleash a hidden fury.

Nights are long for us homeless folk,
Living rough is certainly no joke,
A doorway shelter is ‘home’ for a night,
Huddled up until the first light.

As dawn comes to another hopeless day,
Nobody knows how much I pray,
For a chance to turn my life around,
And quit this unforgiving ground.

Some look down and turn their back,
They wouldn’t cut me any slack,
Not knowing what their life has in store,
To grasp normality just once more.

Days are long when you have no hope,
You wish that life would throw a rope,
To pull yourself up off the ground,
And be like everyone else around.

It’s not that easy to make a new start,
When your life has been torn apart,
I don’t do drugs and I don’t do booze,
Neither one to me can be good news.

There but for the grace of God go I,
Should be the mantra from on high,
You wouldn’t want to swap your life,
For the one I live that’s full of strife.

Maybe one day I’ll turn my life about,
Be given a chance to sing and shout,
Not see the homeless and stand and stare,
To give my thanks and say ‘I’ve been there’.

Written by Will Roe


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