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Life isn’t easy living on the street,
Begging for money from people you meet.
A smile you show, you put on a brave face,
As you roam around looking for a place.
People walk by as if your not there,
Many people don’t even care.
You’re looking for a helping hand,
A little kindness, someone to understand.
You lost your possessions, you lost your home,
Now it is the streets you roam.
Not something that you chose to do,
Just something tragic, that happened to you.
It isn’t easy having nowhere to go,
You feel helpless, you don’t care anymore.
You’re tired, you’re thirsty, and food you lack,
You’re praying to get your old life back.
Many things happen in life that’s sad,
But that doesn’t make you a person that’s bad.
People now a days aren’t very giving,
They don’t care how you’re living.
I hope some day that people will see,
Just how heartless and mean they were to me.


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