Honour Your Father and Mother

by | May 15, 2011 | Poetry | 0 comments

This is what I’m told is wrong,
We’re letting people live too long.
We should shoot them all like horses
When they drain us of resources.
The elderly are everywhere,
We can’t afford their social care
And if they cannot pay to thrive
What right have they to stay alive?
We drug them to preserve their health
And we have to reserve our wealth
To keep them warm and keep them fed
When many would be better dead.
So when an old man gets too ill
Why don’t we kill him with a pill?
The fifth commandment tells us why
We shouldn’t wish our old to die
And why our elders should expect
The youngsters to show them respect.
If you don’t give your parents honour
Your kids won’t care when you’re a gonner!


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