Hope and Faith in times of need

by | Apr 1, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

The path of life is a winding trail
Help always seems out of sight
Especially when you are alone with your thoughts
In the early morning or late at night
You try to find the answer
To the many problems on hand
But someone , somewhere holds the key
And tries to understand
The traumas which beset you
In your bid to do what is right
To agree to Mum’s operation
And perhaps put an end to her plight
But the thing to always remember
As you peer out into the gloom
It won’t be long before Mum’s on her feet
Perhaps with a frame
To help her across the room
For she needs the strength
Which I know you conserve
To deal with your dear Mother’s health
It takes tolerance and consideration
And Love and devotion
And I know that it’s there in great wealth
As I write these words to you my friend
I hope guidance and comfort they give
As everyone needs love and companionship
To make this world a fine place to live


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