Hope and Reason

by | Apr 14, 2007 | Poetry | 0 comments

Give me love and reason
Some hope
Instead of hate or treason.
Cause I find it hard to cope

Today is a year
For our men to
Shed a tear
Was you in the Falkland’s is this you

Well I was twelve in 82
Watching the men free the people
Now I watch them feeling blue
Whilst the rich look for a steeple

And more have died along the way
Or lost their mind
But I waited for today to have my say
I hope it’s my love you find

A piece of hope in a pit of hell
Be proud and say it loud
Go tell them Falkland’s lads
To shake off the shroud

Be proud and value
All the new and beautiful things you see
Please don’t be blue
Cause whilst my heart ticks you got me

God bless you lads


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