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I look through the viewer
And what can be seen
Peace and tranquility
In the countryside serene
Flow gently Sweet Afton
Or so the poem goes
As the river seen here
So gently flows
Like the path of life
Till it disappears
Into the distance over the years
But still in the foreground
The trees stand so strong
As tho’ watching the water amble along
Amid the reeds there sits a man with a wish
Perhaps today he’ll be catching some fish
Is it the past or the future I see
On the horizon waiting for me
The houses so welcome
Somewhere to rest
After walking the countryside
The place I love best
To stroll through the meadows
Hear the song of a bird
Perhaps glimpse some cattle
Or horses preferred
As onward I amble
To the sunset I find
At a backward glance
The scenic beauty left behind


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