“How Do You Do”

by | May 22, 2013 | Poetry | 0 comments

Alone within the multitude of cloven hoofed and horned of head
Driven by genetic urge of greener pastures, yonder claimed
Oft’ tread journey now begun, the need to venture forth inbred
Companionship of lookalike, with hopeful spirits yet untamed

We set off blissfully remiss of dangers lurking everywhere
Out along the well worn paths where names of ancestors are carved
Numbers game stands in good stead, when moving forward as a blur
Eagerly we push on pace, no mother’s milk, so calving halved

Eyes unblinking bearing down on weakness shown within the herd
As flank observers worried stare agitates throughout the fold
Awaiting moment in the sun, driven by needs primal shared
Which way now should we pursue, lest options prove to be so bold

Holding ground dismissed from thought, opponents strength for all to see
Ford to cross way up ahead, a sanctuary of respite kind
Darting here and there in clouds of darkness, pray it cannot be
Whom amongst will take the plunge, to show a lead with strength of mind

Driving down the river bank, cooling as the waters churn
A false security of sense, from roaring lion in our midst
Walls high banked enclose me now and jaws of death await their turn
Will my brothers ever learn, or are we fated to desist


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