by | Sep 28, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

Why did you hurt me, and cause me pain,
My life doesn’t feel the same.
Everyday that I’m trying to get by,
Why you hurt me, I ask myself why?
Feels like a knife, through the heart,
Did you love me from the start?
Do you get pleasure, from my pain?
What is it, you wish to gain.
So many tears I have cried,
So many times you have lied.
I couldn’t stand the hurt no more,
That’s why I walked out the door.
Seeing you for the very last time,
Never again would you ever be mine.
Now I’m trying to put the hurt behind,
Happiness is what I’m trying to find.
It may take a month, a year or two,
But ill lose the pain, I got from you.


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