Hymn CH4 – 58 (Abide with me: Fast falls the eventide;)

by | Mar 16, 2016 | Poetry | 0 comments

1. I stand alone: in silent reverence;
Thinking of youth, gone, cruelly torn away.
Forever young, while I am old and grey,
I still remember them, each passing day.

2. Just as it was, with poppies al; around;
I stand with head bowed, and remember them.
Off we all marched, with hopes of victory,
Battles are over now, they are, at rest.

3. Not just today, but, every morning’s light,
And when the sun sets, they’re with me at night;
Never forgotten, always in my thoughts.
Such was the price we paid, when peace was bought.

4. On that great day: the day to end all wars;
Much was the joy, but mixed with bitterness.
Peace did not last: whenever will we learn?
Until that day, we will remember them.

At the 11th/11th/11th an old comrade dreams.


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